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Earl sets new 10 record

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So last night 26/5 Miles Earl, set a new club 10 mile record… Here is his race report Last night I rode the S4/10, my first solo ride on this course, which is regarded as the fastest 10 course in the South West, of the season. A winning ride in the 2UP event on the same course a week earlier was great preparation and a reminder of the course itself. -1 minute. I’m on the start line, relaxed, I’ve survived all the main stresses of time trialling, I’ve not missed my start, punctured whilst riding to the start or left my shoes at home. Reset Garmin and calibrate power meter. 0. I’m off. The first couple of miles are downhill, focus on getting into a rhythm, maintaining a high speed but not overcooking it. Keep shoulders rolled forwards, head tucked and helmet back. 4. under the bridge and the up hill starts. Now is the time to start hurting, need a big effort now to the turn. 7. HR is building but it feels ok. Around 172 beats (max 183) which is definitely the red zone. Keep going hard. Even though I’m climbing I’m still doing 24mph so need to retain focus on position. Catch my minute man. 9. Catch my 2 minute man. 11. Got to the turn. The marshals have flags. They look calm, this must mean that there is no traffic. No time for a proper look and I’m definitely not slowing down. Out the saddle for the steepest part, big watts but the legs appreciate the change of position. Tuck back in and get up to speed. 13. Flying down the hill. HR and average power are falling, but that’s ok. Don’t flog yourself when going 38mph. Focus on the position. 15. I’m going back under the bridge which means a 2 mile slog to the finish. Average speed is 30mph. 30mph! I know that its going to erode in the next 2 miles but by how much? 29.0 mph will beat my 20.44 PB. 16. Pushing, pushing. HR high. Average speed has dropped, but only to 29.9. 1.5 miles to go. I’ve something to cling onto here. Can I hold onto a decent average speed? 17. In pain, lots of pain. HR into the mid 170’s but it can only be about 3 minutes to go. Remind myself of all of those boring turbo sessions, cold, wet winter miles to get myself here, so don’t fuck it up. I just need to endure this for a few more minutes, suffer a bit more, dig deep. 18. Average speed is still 29.8mph. Shit. A quick bit of maths tells me that, based on the ride I did with Phil the week before, 29.5 mph got us 20.13. The club record is 20.21. My main season goal is to take a club record. Can I hang on to this? Is it going to happen? Keep the pain up and lets see. 19. Really hurt but can see the finish. Wish it was over. Every part of my body is telling me to ease off. Its in my control, just ease off a bit and the pain will go away. A quick glance at the average speed ensures that I don’t ease off, I wind it up a bit more. This is now or never, do or die and I feel like I might die. 20. Over the line, shout my number and stop my Garmin. All details fall out of view, quickly hit save and wait. Quickly engage easiest gear and coast. Pain gradually subsides, breathing comes back under control. Excitement fills me. 21. I want to fumble with my Garmin to check my time, but suddenly realise that I’m on the fairly steep hill up to Rattery on the A38, going really slowly with lots of fast moving traffic slowing to overtake me and my other competitors. Now isnt the time swerve. Resist the temptation and wait for the slip road. 25. Get to top, check Garmin, Says 20.13. Fuck. Is that right? See Tom Moran. Tell him. Try to be coy about it until I have the formal result, but there is no hiding my excitement. 45. Back to HQ. Result is already on the board – 20.13! 46. Celebrate with a jumbo battered sausage and chips whilst waiting for the rest of the results to come in. Lots of PBs including Tom Moran, Scott Horne and Mark Peard. 90. Drive home. Wonder what I need to do to go faster. Love being a Corrie, part of a club with history, trophies and club records. For now at least, I am a part of that history and part of the current generation who are taking things forward, stretching each other and going faster. For those 20 minutes I was out there riding alone but the challenge, community and offering of the club has had a big impact on where I am.

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