Plymouth Corinthian Cycling Club

Road, Time Trial, Mountain Bike, Cyclo-Cross

Club Records

The Club has a long history in producing some of the best local time trial riders.

Here are the club record times…

Mens 10 Mile TTTravis Bramley19.102020
Mens 25 Mile TTTravis Bramley48.472020
Mens 50 Mile TTPaul Walshe1.47.282017
Mens 100 Mile TTTravis Bramley3.25:532020
Mens 12 Hour TTChris Scawn253.968 miles2016
Ladies 10 Mile TTVicky Jowett22.142018
Ladies 25 Mile TTVicky Jowett55.182018
Ladies 50 Mile TTVicky Jowett1.58.382018
Ladies 100 Mile TTVicky Jowett4.06.372018
Juvenile Men 10 Mile TTChris Scott21.272001
Juvenile Men 25 Mile TTChris Scott57.142001
Junior Men 10 Mile TTSam Beaton20.552021
Junior Men 25 Mile TTRob Scott56.342006
Junior Women 10 Mile TTHannah Rainger23.052021
Junior Women 25 Mile TTHannah Rainger1.01:172021
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