Sunday Road Club Runs

Bored of riding alone? We’re a social club and we welcome new riders. Our regular Sunday rides are popular amongst all members.

Every Sunday we have a group club run that meets at Marsh Mills, Plymouth near the old Novotel hotel at 8:30am.

Here’s the location on Google maps:


Do I have to be a member to come along for the Sunday Club Run?

No, We welcome all potential new members, so please feel free to come along and as it’s a good way to find out more about the Plymouth Corinthian Cycling Club.

What sort of distance and speed can I expect on your Sunday club rides?

The distance varies according to the weather and what people feel like doing.

We now have 2 group rides starting together on a Sunday (as from 29th June 2014).

  • Steady group – This will be approximately 14-15mph average and will be around 40-50 miles in distance including a cafe stop. There will be a ride leader for this group. A schedule is published, there will be a different ride leader and route every week to keep it varied.
  • Pace group – This is a faster group with fast riding on hills and ‘through-and-off’ training in between. The pace in the summer for this group will be fast approx. 17-18mph average and around 60-75 miles. In the winter this group pace will be steadier but probably longer distance. This group is unlikely to stop for long in the summer (only a quick re-fuel) but in the winter will probably include a cafe stop.

When you come along, please introduce yourself to some club members and explain that this is your first ride with the club so we can make sure you are ok..

Do I have to have a racing bike and all the kit?

No. Enthusiasm for cycling is the most important thing. Some members do have flashy bikes but the truth is they don’t help you ride that much faster. For the club run, a road bike is preferable. Wear a helmet, bring a drink in your water bottle, some spares (inner tube, tyre levers, multi-tool, pump) and about £5 in cash for the Cafe stop (usually just past halfway). A mobile phone is sensible too.