CORRIES cycling cap ready to order now!

We now have the design for our club cycling cap completed and approved by our committee. Some members have already requested we provide this item so we hope you like the design, we do! It will look great for your cafe stop or to wear under your helmet (by the way, we do not endorse cycling wearing just a cap without a helmet!).

The item is made from washable SpeedPro polyester and has a high quality print. We’ve been very impressed with the samples and existing Primal caps that we’ve seen so far.

So we’re able to offer this to paid-up PCCC members to buy now via our online store at £13 per cap. Click here to go direct to our online store.

NOTE: we must receive paid orders for 25 caps before we’re able to place the order with Primal as this item has a high overall minimum order quantity. So we will not be able to confirm the delivery date until we reach the target of 25 paid orders.

Also note that for this and future orders we’re using our online store only and not the Primal Custom store. FYI. You may also pay via bank transfer or via cheque or cash at a club meeting.