May 2014 Club Meeting

We had a lively club meeting at Rockets and Rascals tonight.

Highlights were coffee, cycling on the big screen and lots of chat. It’s proving to be a great new location for the club meeting.

Here’s a quick summary of what was discussed / agreed:

– Sunday club runs now moved to 8:30am meeting at Marsh Mills Novotel entrance
– new kit order with Primal will include bib shorts, red/white/blue jersey and black jerseys. Designs should be finalised this week then the online ordering store will be open.
– club meetings will be monthly again on the second Monday of each month at Rockets and Rascals shop
– club members are encouraged to sign up to the new website and upload posts/photos
– next club event is Ivor’s 10 mile time trial at Buckfastleigh on the evening of Saturday 7th June. Contact Ivor if you want to ride or if you’re able to help on the night.



2014 PCCC Modbury Road Race

For the second year the club held a road race on the Modbury circuit.

This year it was open to 2/3/4 category riders so the race was increased to 4 laps, approx. 52 miles.

We had a full field of 80 riders entered with 62 riding on the day.

It was an eventful race, the Commissaire stopped the race after 1 lap because riders were ignoring his warnings not to cross double white lines! After the restart the action started to increase. A solo break lasting 2 laps was created by top time triallist (and road racer) Andy Perkins of Mid Devon CC. He managed to mop up both prime laps on 2 and 3 taking £25 vouchers for Rockets and Rascals. Meanwhile there was a chasing bunch of around 25 riders which included PCCC’s Owain Gibby riding his first road race. Behind that there was another group of around 20 riders which contained PCCC’s James Cartlidge.

As we awaited the final lap Adrian returned from watching out on the course and explained that Andy Perkins had been caught so we had no idea what to expect when the riders were to reach the finish and the chequered flag (held proudly by Adrian’s son, Ben Sluman).

As it turned out a solo escapee had caught the bunch off-guard on the final climb back to Modbury. This turned out to be friend of the club, top mountain biker and winner of our King of the Hill event in 2012, Dexter Hurlock of Mondaker UK team. This was an awesome display of strength and the win and 30 BC points has elevated him to 2nd Category.

Thanks to all helpers from the club (Adrian Sluman, Ben Sluman, Jon Ellis, Debbie Hancock, Mark Hancock, Lynn Marris, James Biggerstaff, David Fletcher, Ross Wildman, my wife Karen and son Peter). Also thanks to the BC officials, NEG motorbike riders and to the Modbury MARS team for the use of their wonderful new pavilions.

PCCC Road Race Results image

Here’s some photos (courtesy of Adrian Sluman, full photos here on flickr


Great shot of the race winner with the bunch behind.


Another great shot of the sprint for second.


James in his group.


Owain stretching his legs.


Chief Commissaire, Graham Morgan gives the rider briefing before the race start.

Tour of Flanders Sportive and Pro Race 2014

A few club members had a great weekend in Belgium last month riding the famous cobbled climbs of Flanders.

We stayed in the old city of Ghent which had many lively bars and restaurants to keep us busy in the evenings (and early hours of the mornings too!).

We then set off early on the Saturday to take part in the 85 mile sportive which tackled all of the cobbled climbs of that the pros ride the next day. Including the Koppenberg, Oude Kwaremont and the final sting in the tail, the Paterberg.
This was an amazing experience, riding with approx. 15,000 cyclists!
The weather was great and we all had time for a few beers in the square in Oudenaarde afterwards.

The following day we all set off in free buses up to the Kwaremont again to watch the pros do battle. This was certainly the place to be, with them completing 3 ascents with hour intervals and the local Belgians getting more and more lively as the day went on. Wow what atmosphere!! It’s like their FA cup day, and there were a few worse for wear in the fields and on the side of the roads by the end!
I reckon this will be an annual pilgrimage for me from now on and just can’t believe it’s taken until now to go!!
What a great weekend.








Glide / Tourist 2012

Here are few results from today’s fun end of season events Glide / Tourist Trophy:

The Glide is basically freewheeling down a hill then towards Ermington without pedalling. Winner is the rider who goes the furthest.

The Tourist is a time trial with a difference. Each entrant is given a target MPH that they have to try and achieve without the use of technology. So the trick is to try and judge your effort carefully to match your target MPH. This is held on the Ermington TT route which a steady climb on the way out but a faster descent on the way back.


  1. Winner Alan Knott

Tourist –

  1. Winner Steve Kirby @1sec
  2. Rob Scott @9sec
  3. Tommy Clift @1m 3sec
  4. Steve Melhuish @ 1m 12sec
  5. Helen Soby @1m 44sec

King of the Hill 2012

The inaugural King of the Hill – hill climb event was held today organised by Steve Toze – Plymouth Corinthian CC (PCCC).

This was a great event with over 40 competitors. The weather was a mix of beautiful sunshine and torrential showers.

Riders from PCCC included myself (Tom Cann), Adrian Sluman, James Spenser and Richie Rowland.

Although it was a fairly short climb, it was very steep and a real lung-buster!

The format was to do an initial solo timed run, which would then give a placing and seeding for the main race which was a paired race off (fastest vs. slowest).

Adrian did a fantastic ride to win the timed run (and therefore also winning the PCCC Hill Climb Trophy for 2012). Of the James placed well ahead of me and Ritchie.

I made it through my first race off by pipping my challenger at the top but then I faded badly in the next round, very fatigued. James and Richie fought bravely in their race-offs but were up against tough opposition and their day of racing ended there. Adrian took advantage of his no. 1 seeding to cruise through the early rounds, and fought hard to make it right through to the final. With shorter recovery time between races as the rounds progressed and  6 races up the hill finally took it’s toll on Adrian who was beaten in the final by a very strong Dexter Hurlock from team Certini, well done to him and to all who entered!

The Winner…


The PCCC effort…


Thanks to the National Trust and Steve Toze for organising this great event and to all the helpers, marshals and pusher-offers. Looking forward to next year!

Full results:

Results: King of the Hill


Pos. No. Name Club / Team Time
1 33 Adrian Sluman Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:28.95
2 25 Dexter Hurlock Certini 1:29.98
3 4 Ross Flashman 1:32.62
4 45 Ollie Hurrell CS Dynamo 1:39.52
5 16 Daniel Strong Tavistock Wheelers 1:40.12
6 18 David Bartlett Cyclelogic 1:41.06
7 38 Matthew Zietz Pearson Cycle Club 1:42.05
8 41 Sam Parker 1:42.34
9 3 Stephen Copp Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:43.44
10 29 Richard Long Certini 1:47.46
11 44 Tim Scrivener CS Dynamo 1:47.71
12 6 William Johnson Tavistock Wheelers 1:48.34
13 17 Lee Woodhatch Newquay Velo 1:48.75
14 42 Oli Minto Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:49.90
15 39 Russ Quew Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:49.97
16 15 James Spencer Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:50.05
17 31 Paul Ross 1:52.05
18 20 Graham Brett St. Austell Wheelers 1:52.39
19 24 Will Hornby CS South Hams 1:55.15
20 32 Richie Rowland Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:56.95
21 22 Thomas Cann Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:57.20
22 10 Alex Owen 1:57.58
23 30 Tim Mitchell Tavistock Wheelers 1:57.94
24 21 Liam Cahill Somer Valley CC 2:01.78
25 28 Adam Lock Certini 2:02.08
26 1 Matthew Adams Tavistock Wheelers 2:04.68
27 13 Alan Ryder London Dynamo 2:07.05
28 5 Jay Horton Certini 2:08.15
29 12 Chris Phillips Pave Velo 2:14.35
30 40 Alex Owens 2:14.86
31 9 Catherine Newton Newquay Velo 2:15.36
32 43 Steve Mitchelmore RNRMCA 2:17.67
33 11 Darren Penn Camel Valley C&TC 2:18.73
34 7 Melissa King Newquay Velo 2:20.21
35 2 Will Adams Tavistock Wheelers 2:34.10
36 26 Pete Jarman Tavistock Wheelers 2:34.62
37 8 James McDiarmid Okehampton CC 2:36.39
38 46 George Mitchelmore 4:07.65
39 14 Chris Simcock Newquay Velo DNS
40 19 Stacey Bray Pave Velo DNS
41 23 Seb Finch Vo2 Development Team DNS
42 27 Chris Knott Okehampton CC DNS
43 34 Jeff Stevenson Yogi Cycling DNS
44 35 Rachael Tyers Newquay Velo DNS
45 36 Paul Vickers Plymouth Tri Club DNS
46 37 Cathy Willows St. Austell Wheelers DNS

Last 32
Paul Ross Winner
James Spencer Plymouth Corinthian CC

Graham Brett St. Austell Wheelers
Russ Quew Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner

Will Hornby CS South Hams Winner
Oli Minto Plymouth Corinthian CC

Tom Cann Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner
Lee Woodhatch Newquay Velo

Alex Owens
William Johnson Tavistock Wheelers Winner

Richie Rowland Plymouth Corinthian CC
Tim Scrivener CS Dynamo Winner

Liam Cahill Somer Valley CC
Richard Long Certini Winner

Adam Lock Certini
David Bartlett Cyclelogic Winner

Tim Mitchell Tavistock Wheelers
Stephen Copp Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner

Matthew Adams Tavistock Wheelers Winner
Darren Penn Camel Valley C&TC

Jay Horton Certini
Sam Parker Winner

Alan Ryder London Dynamo
Daniel Strong Tavistock Wheelers Winner

Alex Owen
Ollie Hurrell CS Dynamo Winner

Catherine Newton Newquay Velo
Ross Flashman Winner

Steve Mitchelmore RNRMCA
Dexter Hurlock Certini Winner

Chris Phillips Pave Velo
Adrian Sluman Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner

Last 16
David Bartlett Cyclelogic
Stephen Copp Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner

Richard Long Certini Winner
Matthew Adams Tavistock Wheelers

Tim Scrivener CS Dynamo
Sam Parker Winner

William Johnson Tavistock Wheelers
Daniel Strong Tavistock Wheelers Winner

Tom Cann Plymouth Corinthian CC
Ollie Hurrell CS Dynamo Winner

Will Hornby CS South Hams
Ross Flashman Winner

Russ Quew Plymouth Corinthian CC
Dexter Hurlock Certini Winner

Paul Ross
Adrian Sluman Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner

Quarter Finals

Daniel Strong Tavistock Wheelers
Ollie Hurrell CS Dynamo Winner

Sam Parker
Ross Flashman Winner

Richard Long Certini
Dexter Hurlock Certini Winner

Stephen Copp Plymouth Corinthian CC
Adrian Sluman Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner

Semi Finals

Ross Flashman
Dexter Hurlock Certini Winner

Adrian Sluman Plymouth Corinthian CC Winner
Ollie Hurrell CS Dynamo


Dexter Hurlock Certini Winner
Adrian Sluman Plymouth Corinthian CC

Winner of the King of the Hill 2012

Dexter Hurlock – Team Certini