Glide / Tourist 2012

Here are few results from today’s fun end of season events Glide / Tourist Trophy:

The Glide is basically freewheeling down a hill then towards Ermington without pedalling. Winner is the rider who goes the furthest.

The Tourist is a time trial with a difference. Each entrant is given a target MPH that they have to try and achieve without the use of technology. So the trick is to try and judge your effort carefully to match your target MPH. This is held on the Ermington TT route which a steady climb on the way out but a faster descent on the way back.


  1. Winner Alan Knott

Tourist –

  1. Winner Steve Kirby @1sec
  2. Rob Scott @9sec
  3. Tommy Clift @1m 3sec
  4. Steve Melhuish @ 1m 12sec
  5. Helen Soby @1m 44sec