Club Kit Designs

The club kit was changed in 2013 with the new style club name logo and 1892 logo (year of club formation) .

The supplier has been changed last year (2014) to Primal Europe as they produce a high quality product and their offices are based in Plymouth which makes life easier for communication and product collection, samples etc.

The red-white-blue design is for road events and riding on the road and is what the majority of club members wear. The black jersey was specifically designed for off-road events where there can be a lot of mud so the black design is more suited to that and especially easier to wash mud out of black! The bib-shorts are designed to match and be worn with both jersey designs. You can of course wear either jersey on the road but we don’t recommend wearing the black jersey as it is less visible to other road users.

Here are the final designs:







Here are photos of actual jerseys:

2015 short sleeve 2015 short sleeve black 2015 long sleeve